The insulation bricks which I use to build the kilns were originally obtained from the dismantling of the gasworks in Poole, Dorset. The first attempts by the gas company to dispose of them by tipping them into the harbour failed when it was observed that they floated! I was able to purchase and re-use the remaining stock and keep what was left for future kiln building projects. The design in the photo is a conventional downdraft type with four self induced burners, two either side of a bag wall using reclaimed kiln shelves. A fire clay slurry which is seen in the wheelbarrow is used as a bedding mortar when constructing the kiln which allows the individual bricks to expand and contract during the firing. Gibcrete 1600 was used to cast the burner quarls, one of which can be seen on the kiln base to the rear left of the photo.

Jugs which have just been handled are left to dry by the open window.